Welcome to Kyoto, Kyoto Japanese Steak House, Harrisonburg VA
Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse, Harrisonburg, VA Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse, Harrisonburg, VA Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse, Harrisonburg, VA

Your table's personal chef slices, sizzles, and stir fries a delicious meal and entertainment.

Customer Reviews, Kyoto Japanese Steak House, Harrisonburg VA

"I have been going to Kyotos for years, it is always a wonderful experience. The service is great and the food is fantastic! I started taking my fiance there when we first started dating and it is now one of his favorite restaurants as well..." - Briana from yahoo.com

"Wonderful...Wonderful! My husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary at Kyoto Steakhouse and it was a wonderful choice! You couldn't ask for friendlier service, excellent tasting food....a great dining experience with dinner and a show! We will go back again, but this time we are taking the kids...they would love it!" - Jane from google.com

"This is where we take our family to celebrate good report cards when all the children do well because the whole family loves this restaurant. While it is pricier than McDonald's, it's in the range of Red Lobster and it comes with entertainment! Our grade schoolers share a plate because it is a lot of food and I get to have sushi which I love. Dad gets steak and our teenage vegetarian is happy too!" - Rhonda C. from dine.com

"The sushi was phenomenal as always and Anthony was so polite! He was on top of everything, Issac is our FAVORITE CHEF! Great personality!" - Harmonie M.

"Everything at Kyoto Japanese Steak House was delicious! It was very entertaining and they really have great service! I'll be back soon!" - Kathy R.

"Great food, Great Service. Kyoto Steak House in Harrisonburg is a great restaurant to go to for a night out with family or friends. We had a great time! Highly recommended." - Satisfied Customer